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Hi, hi, hello!

I’m Gina Wall, Everlane’s next Art Director. Presumptuous much? Never. Let me explain why I’m your perfect match.

I have been working for the past 7 or so years in the world of advertising and branding, coming up with imaginative, boundary-pushing, multi-disciplinary ideas for companies like Citibank, Cadillac, The Aids Foundation of Chicago, and more.  In the past year alone, I led the branding efforts for several new restaurants in New York City. That included creating brand style guides, producing photoshoots and managing small teams of designers, motion artists and video editors to establish brand launch campaigns and general marketing assets.

As a human, I find passion in the impossible, comfort in adaptability, and power in saying the crazy idea. I value team environments, providing mentorship to junior teammates, excellent communication, space for growth, a dynamic aesthetic, and the beauty of being scrappy when necessary.

I truly believe I could be a great fit for Everlane and encourage you to look at my portfolio for further examples of my work. Looking forward to hearing more about this opportunity.


gina wall

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