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Cadillac:The Collection




Publicis North America


The following is selected work from my time on Cadillac.

I worked on Cadillac for nearly 2 years, was promoted and was able to produce quite a bit of work.

Cadillac Virtual Showroom


During the summer of 2016, I helped Cadillac trade in their inventory for virtual reality. I developed storyboards, concept art, dialogue menu systems, and a high-touch, 3D environment.

Parallels by Design


To prove Cadillac was an arbiter of style, we helped launched its XT5 Crossover alongside NY fashion house Public School. Our approach was Parallels by Design, an exploration of similarities between automotive and fashion design.

XT5: Seasons Best


Plans change for three friends when a storm hits the city. Thankfully, the XT5 is highly-equipped.
“Change of Plans” was a national TV ad that marked the retail debut for the 2017 crossover.