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Cadillac+ The Oscars




Publicis North America

Art Director

Gina Wall

Copy Writer


In 2017, when it seemed like the nation was tearing apart, Cadillac dared us to carry each other forward.

Only mere months after a contentious election, Cadillac created a 360 degree campaign to address a divided nation. This campaign culminated with the launch of the 'Carry' TV spot during the 2017 Oscars.

Roll Out Timeline

One Week Before Oscars

HUMANS OF NEW YORK X CADILLAC: There is greatness in unity. With this in mind, we partnered with Humans of New York to create 'Greater Together Portraits.' The portraits were teased days before The Oscars with only half a portrait, then completed when the stars hit the Red Carpet.

Social Countdown to Launch

Cadillac's Instagram gallery became a countdown to the brand film's release. “Carry” aired as the final tile was laid into place.

Night Before The Oscars

GREATER TOGETHER LETTER: On Oscars' eve, a New York Times full page ad was taken out for a message from CEO of General Motors, Mary Barra, on behalf of Cadillac. It was a simple message: we can transcend wars and walls together.

‘Carry’ Brand Film

The TV spot that debuted the night of the Oscars.

Greater Together Online Experience Launches


After the spot aired, the Greater Together experience at DareGreatly.com went live.
Visitors could read our letter, meet the heroes of “Carry” and further explore Greater Together Portraits.