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Citibank:The Collection




Publicis North America


The following is selected work from my time on Citibank.

In the year I worked on Citi, I made the most of it with as much color and fun as possible.

Harlem EatUp! Partnership


For years, Citi sponsored the food festival Harlem EatUp! which celebrates the vibrancy of Harlem’s Cutlure and History through the neighborhood’s incredible diversity of food offerings. For the 2018 festival, we digitized the phisical map that had been created for the event so all around the world people could learn more about the different restaurants and neighborhood.


Illustrator: Edward Senf

Come Out & Support

Concept Deck


In 2018, I helped Citi bank ‘come out.’ With an longstanding company history of LGBTQ+ support, it was time for Citi to stand by their employees and, quite literally, put their money where their mouth is.

Citibank x Presidents Cup 2017


It’s not every day that a national golf tournament comes to New York City.
In 2017, Citi had the privilege of sponsoring the Presidents Cup at Liberty National.
I had the pleasure of telling everyone about it.