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Find California waves at Malibu Farm's new home in New York City.

Set to open in New York City September 2019, Helene Henderson's newest location of her backyard-farm-turned-restaurant, 'Malibu Farm,' was in need of a visual style and branding update to match its new home. The following work was created with a small team of designers that I led for the better part of 4 months.

Sea to Sea, Pier to Pier

Malibu Farm Strategy

Keeping Tradition

Originally based on the 3 principles of 'Fresh, Organic, Local,' Malibu Farm only sources the healthiest local ingredients for guests — a value honored in the New York outpost.

The Elevated Little Sister

While it's important to maintain the original brand's integrity of wholesome comfort, Malibu Farm New York must adapt to its new location's more edgy, vibrant culture.

Destination Dining

From Malibu Pier now to Pier 17 with an unobstructed view of the Brooklyn Bridge, Malibu Farm New York is perfectly situated to continue the legacy of people traveling near and far to enjoy a meal with a stunning vista.

A Focus on the Future

Malibu Farm believes in only sourcing locally and from sustainable growers. In so doing, the brand aims to educate guests on best practices and healthy eating.

Branding & Visual World


As Malibu Farm’s brand lives in the world of backyard farms and beach bummery, it was a challenge to adapt that coastal vibe to a much more intense and chaotic metropolitan city. The core beliefs ‘Organic, Local, Fresh,’ guided us to create a space in the farm-to-table restaurant scene while staying true to the original brand. We chose a palette of earth tones and natural textures to make consumers feel at home while still keeping an elevated air.

Branding Photography