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PutHIV to Bed

Creative Director

Adrian Flores

Art Director

Gina Wall

Copy Writer



Undetectable HIV isn't scary, but most of us are still naive about it. It's time to put the stigma to rest with an adult bedtime story.

As the Art Director on this project, I created the visual world for our fantasy characters to help educate young people, specifically gay men from ages 18-25, about HIV. The storybook tropes provided the perfect landscape to explore all the nuances of what being a gay person means in a stigmatized culture, while being a hilarious educational tool for young people to connect over with their shared experiences.

A Grownup Golden Book


Introducing Bears, Otters and Twinks…Oh My! (affectionately acronymed ‘B.O.T.O.M.’) —a tale of sexual enlightenment. B.O.T.O.M. introduces the world to a spectrum of gay tribes and the treatments that can keep them safe when they intermingle.

To The Street


B.O.T.O.M. characters are spreading acceptance in the New York streets with perverted nursery pick-up rhymes.

The B.O.T.O.M. Universe


Take a deeper dive into each characters unique backstory online or through Instagram!