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Howard Hughes Corporation, Seaport District


Robert Bredvad


The Fulton is the newest restaurant from Michelin starred Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten where you can escape the bustle of the city and rediscover the romance of the sea.

Three months before The Fulton was set to open, I was tasked to create a visual world for the restaurant to inhabit with nothing more than a menu designed by Mucca. I used those months to not only create the visual world physically & digitally, but I established the launch campaign, the digital launch strategy and preliminary social content management. Welcome to the world of The Fulton.

A Visual Identity Crafted From Two Blurry Menus

making it work

From just these designs, I was able to pull together a cohesive visual style, design a website, craft a launch strategy & collateral, and put together a social style guide. Even with little information, it is possible to gain a lot of insight. Below you will find a moodboard for the main shoot and the collateral that was create to support the launch.